New Colorbond fence installed within 3 days! Lead times may vary in winter months


Perth is commonly known for our bad storms and winters seasons. If your fences have been affected by the storm please click the link below to get a FREE measure and quote.



We have extensive amounts of experience in custom work, so our clients can also expect a more personalized approach when it comes to handling all of their fencing needs. Most insurers consider fences a permanent fixture on your property. They are ranked alongside your home, garages or sheds, swimming pools, and solar panels when it comes to your home insurance policy.


Your policy, therefore, covers your fences for the same incidents that cover your home or other parts of your property. For example, if there is a major storm in your area and fences get blown down, you can get your insurer to pay for the cost of repairing the fence.


You can check your insurer’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to confirm that your policy covers the incident before filing a claim. Also, if the fence that has been damaged or blown down divides your property from your neighbours, you both may file a shared fence damage claim with your respective insurers. 


Step 1 – Contact your insurance company to lodge a claim

At this stage all you will need to give is your contact details, Date of when the damaged occurred and how the fence was damaged. You may also want to ask your insurer if you are covered for temp fencing (most insurers will cover this if you have animals or a swimming pool).


Step 2 – Contact Fencing Force

Once we have received all your details, we will organise a suitable time to conduct an onsite visit and quote. If this is a shared fence with your neighbour and your neighbour would also like a quote in their name, we can do this at the same time. (We would just need the neighbours name, street address, email address and mobile)


Step 3 – Onsite Quote

One of our team members will conduct your FREE onsite measure and discuss with you how Colorbond is installed and the difference between materials e.g – removal of Hardi Fencing and Installation of Colorbond/Retaining any other fencing requirements you may have. 

Step 4 – Measurements returned to Office

Once our office has received the measurements, we will prepare your quote and email to you. This quote will cover the following requirements that your insurance company will need to process your claim:

·      Address and owners details of damaged fence

·      Length of damaged fencing (metres)

·      What type of Material to be removed and installed

·      How the fence was damaged

·      Colour and Profile of new fence to be installed

·      Photos of damaged fence

·      Total cost (including GST)

Step 5 – Email quote(s)/pics to Insurance Company

Once you have received your quote(s) via email or post – send this to your Insurance company with the reference number you received when you lodged your claim. 


Step 6 – Acceptance of Quote and booking for Installation

Once you have had approval or payment from your insurance company, please contact Fencing Force asap (especially during winter months) to discuss a suitable date for the installation of your job. 


Step 7 – Payment of 25% deposit

A 25% deposit is required prior to installation date (just a few days prior), from yourself and your neighbour.

Fencing Force will email invoices to yourselves (please do not pay until you have received an invoice from us). 

When making payments could you please reference your quote number on the payment. 


Step 8 – Installation of New Fence

The installers will arrive onsite as pre-arranged to commence the installation of your new fence. Depending on the length of your new fence this could take up to 2-3 days to complete. 


Step 9 – Completion of New Fence and Final Invoice

Your new fence has now been completed and all parties are happy with the job, we will now email the final 25% invoices for each neighbour. 

When making payments could you please reference your quote number on the payment. 


Step 10 – Leave a Review

We would appreciate if you would leave us a review either on google  or our facebook page – Fencing Force Perth.


damaged fence


colorbond fence
damaged fence


colorbond fence
damaged fence


colorbond fence